Ryan Leslie’s Advice: Go To College

MySpace Music Blog Check caught up with Ryan Leslie, who answered questions about his unique background, graduating Harvard, performing live and how he got Diddy to create a MySpace. “If you have, from an early age, discovered what your passion is, and you put in the time, meaning that you’ve practiced more than the average human being practices, to the point where your talent and your gift is that recognizable that someone is willing to pay you, I guess in the case of LeBron is was $190 million before he would step foot on the court, if someone’s willing to do that, then okay, I think you’ve found your live’s calling.” Otherwise, he suggests you should go to college. Watch the interview below.

Ryan Leslie Rebuilds ‘Just Right’

Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie decided to re-visit one of his favorite songs called ‘Just Right’. Check out a look at that session, where the R&B singer had to rebuild it from scratch as one of his hard drives had crashed and many sessions had been lost. Leslie writes, “I love the new elements, and here’s to you loving them too.” Watch the clip below the cut. (more…)

Ryan Leslie ‘Addiction’ Alternate Video

Ryan Leslie 'Addiction' music video

Ryan Leslie is out with an alternate music video for his new single ‘Addiction’, which the American R&B singer says “represents a different and just as important side of me: the imaginative, cinematic side.” The video features Jaslene Gonzalez, winner of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Cycle 8. ‘Addiction’ is the second release off Ryan’s self-titled debut album, out now on NextSelection/Universal. Watch it below.

Ryan Leslie’s Happy Mother’s Day Song ‘Mother’

Ryan Leslie

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Ryan Leslie composed the track ‘Mother’, posting a performance on his YouTube channel. He writes, “No real song structure – just a free-form expression. A virtual card for my Mother:.” The video can be viewed via YouTube below.

Ryan Leslie Rehearsing ‘Irina’ Video

Ryan Leslie 2008

Ryan Leslie has posted footage of his rehearsal performance of ‘Irina’ on his YouTube channel. “I wrote this song during a very tough time in my life,” he writes. “My ‘Diamond Girl’ had just left me. If you’ve ever had someone leave you – you know what I’m talking about. It’s very easy during that time to feel like you’re just not ‘good enough’. Sometimes all it takes is just a nice person to say ‘I’m diggin’ you’, and it can turn your whole life around – make you feel like you’re not all bad. ‘Irina’ is about that person, whomever it may be in your life. Someone that made you feel like you were worth something again. It could be anyone. The song’s not sexual. The word ‘love’ doesn’t appear once. It’s about the feeling you get when you know you’re making someone happy by just being yourself.” Watch the performance below.

Ryan Leslie Recording ‘Addiction’ In The Studio

Ryan Leslie studio

Ryan Leslie has posted footage of his recording session for the track ‘Addiction’. Ryan writes, “Yes we were in the studio until 8am doing this one. Everyone was sleeping and the sun was up by the time I finished. It’s not a game – this music stuff. I will not stop.” Watch it below.

Ryan Leslie ‘Diamond Girl’ Video

Ryan Leslie 'Diamond Girl' music video

Ryan Leslie is out with the video to his new single ‘Diamond Girl’, the first release from the Harlem, New York R&B singer’s self-titled debut album, out June 17th on NextSelection Lifestyle Group. Watch it via YouTube below.

Ryan Leslie 'Diamond Girl' cover art

Ryan Leslie In Studio Working On ‘Diamond Girl’

Ryan Leslie posted a video clip with the singer working on ‘Diamond Girl’ in the studio. Leslie writes, “Reviewing and re-sequencing the footage from this session revealed that it was possible to edit the video with an interesting twist: as though all of my alter egos were recording the song simultaneously, and even interacting with one another.” The video clip at YouTube has since been removed.

Ryan Leslie ‘I-R-I-N-A’ Video

Ryan Leslie 'I-R-I-N-A' music video

Ryan Leslie is out with the video to his single ‘I-R-I-N-A’. The clip, directed by Guillaume Doubet, was shot at double speed so when it’s played it back in real-time, there is a slow motion effect. Watch it below.