Truth Hurts ‘Ready Now’ Video

Truth Hurts 'Ready Now' music video

Truth Hurts is out with the video to the title track from her forthcoming album ‘Ready Now’, released on Pookie Entertainment. Watch it via Blastro below.

Truth Hurts Is Back, This Time With Raphael Saadiq

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When last we heard from Truth Hurts she was in a sticky situation involving a sample in her hit single ‘Addictive’. That fiasco is behind her now, as is her association with Aftermath Records. Despite the lawsuits, and sampling controversies Truth says she holds no ill will towards her former label, “I’m just the type of person where I don’t have any ill will towards anyone once the gig is up,” she explains, “everything has a season and once the season’s up you move on. There was never any funk between me and Dre it was more the business.” The business led Truth to Raphael Saadiq’s label, Pookie Records. To find out how she linked up with Saadiq, and what to expect from her upcoming album (think sexual), click here.

Jordan MP3 Player Launch Party Photos

Brandy, Truth Hurts, Tweet and Nax Lux of Next were on hand as Michael Jordan and Philips Electronics launched the Limited Edition Jordan MP3 Player on Wednesday (December 3) at CineSpace in Hollywood, California. Check out pictures from FilmMagic and WireImage.

Truth Hurts Searches For Home Post-Aftermath recently spoke with Truth Hurts and asked her if she thought ‘Truthfully Speaking’ was a success. “Yeah definitely,” she said. “I think it broke some barriers for RnB. That was what I set up to do. But I think it did bad for me. It didn’t sell what the Ashanti’s did, or Beyonce’s. But to me it broke some barriers. It changed some things.” She also was asked about splitting with Aftermath and her plans for finding a new label. “Yeah, I’m trying to figure out where I wanna be,” she responded. “I have a couple of offers and I’m trying to see which direction I wanna go at this point. If I wanna do a company or I want to do just an artist. I know just being an artist doesn’t really pay off.”

Truth Hurts And 3LW At Savoy Magazine Gala

Truth Hurts and 3LW were on hand at the Savoy Magazine 3rd Annual Pre-Oscars Gala on Friday (March 21) at the Astra West at Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California.