Teen Girls Ask For Advice On Boyfriends Who Cheat

is featured on the cover of the May issue of Teen People, where he was offering advice to young girls — including, ironically, why do boys cheat on girls. , who broke up with Chilli because he cheated on the star responded, “Wow. Well, two reasons. One: They don’t want to leave their relationship because they like what they have but they want to other things – which means they’re probably too young to be serious. The other is, maybe she’s not making him happy.” And asked if you should forgive someone after he’s cheated on you, the singer responded, “Of course you should. It’s [even] possible [to get back together], but it takes a lot of trust. You’re never going to go forward [in your relationship] if you’re insecure. And don’t be foolish – if someone keeps cheating on you and you keep going back, then it ain’t right. I’ve been on both sides of that table. But if you can find it in your heart to forgive, well, that’s actually what love is. And yes, I’ve dealt with that on several occasions.”

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