Text Message Sparked Chris Brown’s Alleged Attack On Rihanna

Did receive a sexually explicit message from a woman he’d been secretly seeing behind ’s back? That’s what RadarOnline.com claims, with a reporter for the web site telling ‘Access Hollwood’ that knows the password to his voicemail and text messages. The Barbados singer “has been incessantly checking them. It escallated to where allegedly slapped Chris Brown in the Lamborghini, that then led to the alleged battery of .” Watch the report below.

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6 thoughts on “Text Message Sparked Chris Brown’s Alleged Attack On Rihanna

  1. Joanna says:

    I think it’s sad that this has to be so public. This is a very private thing between these two and because of things like this you are slamming a person and not only calling him a woman beater but also a cheater. You need to realize these are people’s lives you are messing with so to the woman at radaronline, I really hope that your life also becomes public one day. And it’s weird that you would somehow knows what’s on his cellphone. People sell stories to get money, it doesn’t mean they are true.

  2. genesis says:

    Man Rihanna is a liar. She kept something so big from Chris Brown and at that they both cheated. If they want to be together they can, let them deal with the problems because its their life. Even though they both stupid we going to let them be. Hope everything goes better for them maybe it will work out better for everyone if everyone just leaves them alone about it. Chris made a mistake and so did Rihanna they can work it out they are normal people just like everyone else. They make mistakes and they do regret it. So just leave the case alone and move forward.

  3. lady love says:

    Give me a break what the hell was she going into his phone for.UM non of her business lets get it right. He is young before the came into the picture he was a pimp. Ok what makes her think that she could change that. Sorry Rihanna there’s a lot of honks out there. Unless you want to stay with the boxer.

  4. Tiesha says:

    I agree with you Genesis, it’s nobody’s business of what’s going on in their life. Personal problems like this should just be left alone and handled by the people who made them. No one should be judged, criticized, and treated like dirt just because they made a mistake. Life is full of mistakes and they should be solved by the two main people that started the drama and it’s neither of us.

  5. dakia says:

    Hey Nyla what are you doing

  6. shaniyah says:

    Dear Shaniyah Rihanna is a good person she is a liar. She don’t tell the truth. I love her show it is wonderful. She knows how to sing like my sister and cousin and my friend Samirah and Alena and me and my cousin that she is 18 years old. I want you to
    come to are town and celebrate her birthday. I am having a show.

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