Teyana Taylor Explains Those Webcam Bra Pics

Teyana Taylor checked in with fans on GlobalGrindTV, explaining the webcam snapshots of her in a bra that people have been making a big deal about. The R&B singer/rapper said she was on Ustream with Eli and forgot to press stop broadcast and didn’t know she was still on. “I’m the wrong artist to try to play with,” the 18-year-old warned. “Don’t try to sit there and say that I was on some web sex cam with anybody because you already know I ain’t roll like that.” Watch the message via YouTube below.

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2 thoughts on “Teyana Taylor Explains Those Webcam Bra Pics

  1. garscon says:

    That’s crazy but her bra look good pink I mean LOL

  2. wecam adult says:

    Wow this is pretty cool, haha!

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