The Dislike For Ashanti – Is It About Looks Or Talent?

I’ve been a member of many message boards, and I’ve read alot of hateful opinions towards celebs, but never have I came across hate or dislike such as this.

It seems to be that there is a numerous number of people that hate , for what reason I do not know. Most say she is talentless, can’t sing or dance, and from what I hear acting is not her best bet. But, she is not the only one. is not the only performer to receive a record deal and not be up there with the best. So why do people just hate her?

So she doesnt have the highest Soprano, that’s the obivous, and her dancing is nothing compared to the moves of Ciara, but she is not half bad compared to many others. Lets take Miss Lopez for example, Jlo can dance and I give her that, but her voice is off! And I dont mean off the chain. Her songs make no sense (“Get Right”), until she adds a hot male rapper, and her acting is just as bad. But, no one seems to be bothered by that.

I wonder could it be because people find her to be beautiful, or is it because people really find her to be talented. There are many others besides her, I would name them but it would take me years. So really why so much hatred for The Inc’s “Princess”, is it really because you as the consumers find her music worthless and time consuming, or is it because she does not apply to what society has said to be “Beautiful and Sexy” in the entertainment world?

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