The Dislike For Ashanti — She Has No Talent!

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First of all let me rephrase my statement, has SOME talent. But limited talent none the less. I do like ’s music. But I myself am going the phase of getting a deal, no it’s not major but it’s a deal. They expect so much from me. Beauty is about 50% of being in the record business, with 30% vocal, 15% dancing, and 5% adaptation.

But that’s in the world of Record Execs. We are only human, of course we want the cutest thing shakin’ around our T.V. screens to make the most of the $17 we spent on there album. But we’d also like for her to sound at least halfway decent at a concert–especially after spending $45 to see her.

On to Ashanti’s dancing. Now you and I can see the girl’s mom has been learning from Brandy’s mom. You can clearly tell the girl has had no dance training whatsoever, and I can’t say she’s a bad person for that but, it’s really selfish of her to not spend some change or time to learn how to at least 1,2 step. When an artist spends 3 weeks on an 9 song album (not including skits) I feel there is no effort put forth no matter how many songs she claimed to write herself.

On to adaption. You don’t HAVE to be a triple threat when you wanna be in the record business. But when a person invests in you, and the sh** gets real. You better put some time in to BECOME a triple threat. Which Ashanti has lacked to do, it’s damn near Chapter 4, and home girl still stiff as a board. Furthering adaption. Ashanti’s Momager Mrs. Norway–Oops, I mean Mrs. Douglas claims Ashanti was accepted into Princeton on a track scholarship. Now, you have to have some brain to get accepted into Princeton. So tell me why home girl was acting so sidity when The Inc. was charge with that case. That’s like me walking to a house w/ a meth lab at work. She has common sense and day, and knew what kind of business she was getting in to. But I feel she used her common sense by staying with The Inc. Because they weren’t really focused on talent during the time she got signed, it was more the hype they were getting from being on top.

To conclude what I’m saying, people dislike Ashanti NOT because she’s pretty, but for the simple fact, she’s Ashanti. It’s like cheating on a major exam, and getting caught but home girl besides you doesn’t, and she gets praised for the high score. It’s not hers because she didn’t earn it, she didn’t put forth the effort to get it. And she’s a smart person and knows this, but doesn’t care she has the grade and it’s hers. But what I was saying about adoption was –figuratively speaking– why doesn’t she study and make herself better so she can honestly pass the next test?–But as long as the teacher doesn’t ask her how she got those answers, she’s going to gladly waltz her ass, through to Chapter 2.

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