The-Dream Apologizes For Heavy Security At ‘Love King’ Listening Party

The-Dream 'Love King'

checked in with his Twitter followers on Monday night (May 24) in what sounds like could be the final time he vents on the micro blogging service. The singer was upset with heavy security at his ‘Love King’ listening party earlier in the evening at Stankonia studio in Atlanta. Pictures of the event can be viewed at The American R&B star writes:

Thank You to Everyone that came out and supported to all the DJ’s thanks for being there since the beginning.

And trully sorry about allllll the body guards can’t control what the label does but I must admit that was a little over the top and whoever thought that it was a bright idea to make it so anti social will be jobless come 8am! If you know me like that you would know I’m not that guy just a case of insensitive people over doing there jobs! All I do is walk in and play my sh**. I can’t control everything!

Also not trying to prove anything by not having security it’s not about being scared of sh** I’m West Side! Truth is some people are there for the wrong reasons but I have to say I was surprised at all the security maybe they thought we were at a Michael Jackson listening party!

Trust I know I ain’t worth security guards lol. So once again my apologies for anyone that felt uncomfortable! Hopefully no one’s stupid enuff to think I had security for DJ’s

Yeah I’m bitchin but its strikingly funny the same niggas that get on twitter and talk sh** ask me for a record! L.A.N. you on my dick nigga. I ain’t tweetin on your sh**! Let the people who fu** with me fu** with me! Jealousy and envy is deff the formula of a hater hidn bh twitter

You know what @marcusmatteo it does bring out the evil in people because I just shook hands with most of the people so maybe I should shut my twitter down because I don’t want negative energy on me! Maybe I care to much about people and people understanding but fu** that! We out

Last personal tweet rant from DREAM just happened!

Update: Video of The-Dream and his heavies at the event has been posted. Watch it via YouTube below.

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