The-Dream Reacts To ‘Love King’ Leaks

The-Dream 'Love King'

checked in with his Twitter followers earlier today, upset with the leaking of tracks from his upcoming album ‘Love King’ before its June 29th release date. The 31-year-old artist writes:

RKR News: “Sorry about the Leaks. I wanted to present everything in the manner it deserves but there are some who can care less.

The songs you have heard are un-mixed and un mastered versions of the actual songs. And also my albums are like books so you’re listening to them out of the greater Context of my presentation. These songs have leaked simply because of me sending them to artist for features or to Directors for treatments! The album itself is untouched because of the Segways and the way the run into each other! That’s the great part in particular! So once again Sorry on behalf of Radiokilla Records. And the people I choose to help me present a better product!

All the records you’ve heard are Ruffs and in the first stages of production! But I’m sure my Fans can tell! But you will not be Mad on 6-29

All the Blog Sites that say they Hate my Records Post them, and when I call them and say take it down they say nigga We Love Your Sh**! hmm

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