The Fall Of Murder Inc.

Contributed anonymously:

With all these posts downing certain artists, I made it a point to do some research. , who seems to be the most hated woman on this site, and Ja Rule both having new albums out, haven’t even managed to sell 500,000 copies. Sadly the latest version of NOW (a CD compilation of songs off the radio) has sold more than the both of these artists combined.

Oh, for the days when Ja’s songs ruled the airwaves. Oh for the days when Vita and Charile were the up and coming most promising diva’s of the rap game, yet here we are in 2005 with no real threat in the female rap game, and a dying breed of Rapper’s in the Male group.

I hate to believe that artists from NY who seem to get much love on this site’s sister site RAPDIRT, are the only promise of hope for Rap, and even worse, If Ashanti is the Future of R&B we can only hold our breath, and pray for a ray of light. That light shined brightly with the first sounds of Alicia Keys, sadly once radio and MTV got wind of her, it was all over. Over exposure, is a true killer. I wake up scared to turn the T.V. on or the radio. I have nightmares of hearing the same 12 songs “Over and Over Again”. It’s sad that if you actually like an artist you might want to consider not requesting them, not buying their albums just so that you don’t bombarded with their image every 14 seconds.

Concrete Rose is now number 26 on the chart, and Ja’s latest effort is some where in the Social Security range. These are artists that used to go Platinum after one week, Ashanti’s first album sold more in history for a female debut album, yet she’s failed in a month to even go gold. Is this the final straw that will break Murder Inc’s back? One can only wait to see.

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