The Gospel According To… Mandisa?

Dave White of The Advocate weighed in on last week’s ‘American Idol’, including ’s controversial performance of Mary Mary’s ‘Wanna Praise You’, which she introduced by saying, “This song goes out to everybody that wants to be free! Your addiction, your lifestyle or situation may be big, but God is bigger!” White writes, “Now, I ain’t mad at Jesus. In fact he’s just alright with me. And I don’t want to jump to conclusions about ’s attitudes concerning The Gays. But everyone knows that the word “lifestyle” is a code word used by gross, amoral religious jerks who refuse to do what Jesus told them to do (that whole ‘love everybody’ stuff) And their secret definition of the word “lifestyle” is ‘burn in hell, faggots.’ Except it’s not a secret. Maybe someone should tell about this. Oh, wait, maybe she already knows. I just read on this very Web site about how ’s favorite writer is a bona fide crazy person named Beth Moore who thinks that young lesbians are recruited by predatory old lesbian vampires and Satan and that they all hate men. Nice.” Read more.

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