The Mystery Of Lauryn Hill

could have been Jennifer Lopez with political substance. Someone who once worked with Hill told Rolling Stone with regret, “She woulda been bigger than J.Lo.” Instead, she disappeared. “I think Lauryn grew to despise who was,” a friend told the magazine for their Women Who Rock issue. “Not that she despised herself as a human being, but she despised the manufactured international-superstar magazine cover girl who wasn’t able to go out of the house looking a little tattered on a given day. Because Lauryn is such a perfectionist, she always sought to give the fans what they wanted, so a simple run to the grocery store had to have the right heels and jeans. Artists are a lot more calculating than the public sometimes knows. It don’t happen by accident that the jeans fall the right way, the hat is cocked to the side just so. All of that stuff is thought about, and Lauryn put a lot of pressure on herself after all that success. And then one day she said, ‘Fu** it’.”

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