The Next Big Star

have been in the entertainment business for a while and if you watch his show the show than it’s pretty obvious that he can sing and act. If you watch some of his movie before Col. and Ray than it’s pretty obvious that his role have always been nothing big to get people attention. I’m not saying that he is the best actor in the world and the best singer but it’s pretty obvious that this kid got talent and he finally got that role that made him a big superstar. I think we should all keep an eye on Wayne Brady. Wayne Brady is also a talented actor and singer just like . Who knows Wayne Brady might end up staring in a movie that is about the life of Steve Wonder. I can see it now WAyne Brady staring in Steve. Wayne Brady might find a role that will make him a star like what RAy did for or what Confession did for or what Baby one more time did for Britney Spear or what Bad Boys did for Will Smith and so on and so on.

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