The VMA’s Were Lame And Boring

Contributed Anonymously:

The VMA’s were so lame. It should have been good being in Miami, but there was not shock or surprises or host! I gotta laugh when I watch these things… that’s the whole fun for me. Someone should have made fun of Destiny’s Child star ’ hair and her outfit. What the?! And then there was her ugliest accesory… Jay-Z. I’m just glad the fool didn’t win video of the year. Andre 3000 is sexy! Seriously though, Dave Chappelle was supposed to be funny, he didn’t say anything, and didn’t he only come out like twice for like ten seconds? They always wanna give Beyonce something, but I’m so glad won best R&B video. The performances were boring, no one cheered when Chaka Kahn came out because I think they didn’t know who she was. Kanye West should have won best new artist! Maroon 5 didn’t even show up. I like how P.Diddy came in the biggest yacht with Bruce Willis, Mase, Naomi Campbell, his girl Kim Porter and some other people, but that was basically the highlight. The entire show was a waste of time. I was subjected to having to see Jay-z’s face too often and it hurt y’all.

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