Tiffany Evans Checks In From Cleveland

checked in with fans on her blog at Myspace on Monday (August 13). She writes:

Hey My Wonderful,Wonderful ppl!!!=)))) Sorry I havent been Up to date with yall I’ve been so busy with the tour, its overwhelming but amazing. How yall been?? I miss you guysz. I just wanted to say whats up Im in Cleveland right now, Chillin like a villian Haha.=) Im going to do a funny video tomorrow at Cedar Point for you guysz and put it on My Myspace so you can watch it and Laugh, Boi are we going to have fun at Cedar Point tomorrow Wheeeww Hoo!!. Hehe. Im going to bed now, we have some more shows coming up so whatever you see On my Myspace Calender is wrong, Im going to Update it with the new Shows that are Coming Up.!! I love yall alllll so so so so so so so so much. GOD has been blessing me, I thank him and I give him all the GLORY. For all of you who are aspiring Artist, Actresses, Singers, Doctors, Or Lawyers whatever you want to do or be in life, Just know that you have to go through Something to get something, anything worth having is worth working for. Just stay Focused and determined at all times BELIEVE IN YOURSELF && TRUST IN GOD To help you make it through. Stay In School, do your work and you will become what you want to be. Iloveyou again.=)Goodnight.


Miss.Tiffany Evans??

P.s Im having Fun on tour.Thanks to yall.=))Keep Voting for the video on 106 and Park.Lets make it Number 1 altogether.=))

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