Tiffany Evans: New Single Is ‘I’m Grown’

checked in with fans on her MySpace blog (@tiffanyevansmusic) on Sunday (November 25) with the following message:

Hey Yall!!!=)) How are you guysz? Did you have a great and blessed Thanksgiving? I know I did. I grubbed like nobody’s business Hahaha… Now I have to hit the gym Haha. It was Fun I got to see all the ppl that I love and we all danced, played music, and we all just had a great time. I would love to know about yall Thanksgiving experiences. Well besides that I just wanted to hit yall up to let you guys know that I’m coming out with a New Single and its Not going to be ‘Lay Back Chill & Be Free’, it’s going to be this song that I did with My Friend Rodney Jerkins and its Called ‘I’m Grown’ it’s really nice and its basically talking about how us women our able to hold our own and people shouldn’t treat us like we don’t know what were doing, this one will also have a feature on it as well and now we’re thinking about YUNG JOC or LUDACRIS. Who shall it be y’all? So I cant wait for all my ladies to hear it. I think it’ll be a great Female anthem for all us Young Woman out there who are holding their own right?? I know all My STRONG INDEPENDENT YOUNG WOMAN will hold me down on this one. My fellas will like it too because its something that y’all can also vibe to. I love y’all so much, I’m going to read my bible now and you leave you guys alone. I will catch up with y’all later this week. Keep GOD first.

Remember that GOD is LOVE.=))


Miss. Tiffany Evans?

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