Time Will Tell If Getting Away From Tse Was Blessing Or Curse

Ms. Nine Lives (aka Tse Williams), the owner of of the production company is signed to told fans on the group’s official message board that she helped Naturi get her break into the record business and was furious about a fan’s comment that Naturi’s blessings have already been started because God got her away from Tse. “I’ve made a career out of helping people with a dream of performing, actually make records and get in the business,” Williams fumed. “I’ve done this with a number of well know artists over the past 12 years. The fact is that I got Naturi into the record business. It is because of me that she was able to begin to realize her dream of singing professionally. Of course she could sing and had talent. But prior to meeting me, Naturi was one of many talented, girls who had a dream to be in show business and sing. Only the future will tell if her ‘getting away from me’ was a blessing or a curse. We will soon see.”

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