TLC Stop By TRL To Premiere ‘Girl Talk’ Video

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to premiere their new video for ‘Girl Talk’, the first single off their upcoming album ‘3D’. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes younger sister Raina also was their wearing a Left Eye t-shirt. They played the video on the Times Square jumbotron and had Chili and T-Boz on throughout the broadcast. Read on for a rough transcript.

Carson: please welcome the most successful female group of all time,


>> Thanks.

Carson: Aren’t i the luckiest guy in the room thank you for being here.
We have a lot to talk about, “3-did” is out tuesday, an interesting story
about the title you got tell us about what it means.

>> Well, we always let lisa come up with the title of the albums, she
does that girl and we left that alone that’s her homework that means three
dimensions of T.L.C.

Carson: Thank you for letting us premiere some of the tracks.


Carson: Let’s get into the top 10 then we’ll listen to about four brand
new tracks never heard before right here on the show and talk to the girls
about them we’ll get to jennifer lopez throwin’ around her rock making
it officially to the top tenth wednesday here is jennifer lopez “jenny
from the block”


Carson: First time ever officially on the show jennifer lopez “jenny
from the block” let’s get into the “3-d” out tuesday. You co-wrote “turntables”
I’ll play a little down. Tell me about this song.

>> This more than any the whole album is a tribute to lisa but this
really goes out to her because

[Inaudible] Oursation we are going through without our sister and when
i wrote the part i wrote on this song it has to deal with after something
bad good can happen so this is like one of our favorite songs.

>> It’s my most favorite.

Carson: Appreciating life.

>> Everybody can get somethin’ from it, you know, 9-11, you know if
you are going through a rough time in your life. After something bad it’s
always something good. You know god is good like that


Carson: Right.

[Background music]

Carson: You know it is funny if you listen back to your first album
that came out in ’93 and think of this comin’ out how do you think your
sound has evolved the most, the one thing that stands out the most.

>> Oh, my god.

Carson: The lyrics, the way it sounds?

>> I think a lot of things. You grow over the years anyway just as a
person there’s always new things to talk about. Things to cover and i think
our voices have matured and, uh, a lot of things. What else?

>> I mean, it’s funny ’cause the cool thing about T.L.C., We are like
three different artists in a group together and it works. We have chemistry
between the three of us and it’s magical even with you know e vflin’ over
all this time we still keep the main ingredient that everybody loves about
us, that T.L.C.Sound the scratchiness in her voice, the smooth sound in
mind and everybody love’s lilisa’s tone


Carson: It has the classic T.L.C. Sound and also a new sound the neptunes
got with you on a song we’ll play some of that down what is it about them
they are everywhere. What did they do for you.

>> Actually L.A. Reed came to us and said will you let the neptunes
work on your album ’cause usually we keep the hot guys out we said, for
real give us something different. Their music is good but is a signature

Carson: If you listen underneath a bit of it.

>> That’s what they wanted and they came to the table and gave us something
they said they wanted you to listen and go, wow the neptunes did that?

Carson: A win-win situation to both of you. We’ll check out more tracks
after the next video at 9 avril lavigne “sk8er boi” on spankin’ new trl
with T.L.C.

Carson: What a great week spankin’ new trl continues. O-town, tlc our
prime focus today we’ll bring out the boys in a bit and show you a premiere
of T.L.C.’S video and play you someraracks off 3-d out next tuesday gigi,
stand up where are you from and your question.

>> From

[Inaudible] Representin’ F.D.University

[Screaming] First of all i want to say i love you guys so much you are
such an inspiration to me and I wish you all the best of luck.

>> Thank you.

>> You and

[Inaudible] Have been together a while now I just want to know what
has helped sustain your relationship throughout the public hype and media
surrounding it?

>> Well, the fact that we truly love each other, you know

[Crowd simultaneously] Ohhhhh.

Carson: That helps.

>> And we have god in our relationship and we both understand the business
because we’re both in the business and we respect each other and, again,
it’s true love, so that helps.


>> Thank you.

Carson: Actually if you didn’t mind I’m going to send you know with
the greatest gift you could get how about a giant polaroid of the girls
would you like that.

>> Oh, my god.

Carson: It will be ready in an instanlt and gigi, you can take that
home with you they’ll take that picture


Carson: A stripped-down version of “underneath it all” from though doubt.
Today 8. It was 7 yesterday. T-boz and chili are here let’s go back to
tracks on this record play down some “hands up” this looks like the fun
stuff guys again being stupid and caught with hoochies.

>> That’s right.

Carson: Quick to point out the the flaws in men is that what this is


>> We have to give it to them T.L.C. Is the bestanan.


Carson: How fun was that to record in the studios one of the more fun

>> — It was fun working with baby face always bring out the crazy side
of baby face and there is something very different you know what i mean,
wow, that’s a baby face song so it’s one of my favorites, too, so ghetto,
i love that. Ha-ha


Carson: Yet, universal. Oddly enough.

>> This is funny though, a funny song imagine going to club he told
he he was a heme and he’s up there like

>> And he said he couldn’t dance.

>> Couldn’t even dance.

>> And he’s jammin’ and you are like my god that’s my man up there.

Carson: Not only are you with another woman but have rhythm.

>> The hoochies.

>> The next track “person in” seems the deepest on the record tell me
about this and what do you feel about this song.

>> I love this song. I co-wrote with dallas on this and it’s about a
person, you know, we can relate to this one who were hurt in relationships
and damaged. We try to go on to the next relationship and kind of have
baggage and pain saying i really, really like you and i really, really
care but don’t trip out because i trip out because I’m still damaged. I
was hurt.

Carson: Men get drunk. Women get damaged.

>> Right


Carson: Let’s get to no. 7 good charlotte “lifestyles of the rich &
famous”, keep the top 10 going and don’t forget still a world premiere
of their video we’ll get to that comin’ up.

Carson: — Feelin’ good charlotte. Were you rockin’ out to that with
the air guitar.

>> Yes.

Carson: You are rock ‘n roll tayay mind you.

>> I need the guitar that’s missing.

Carson: We’ll get you one. I’d be remiss if we didn’t talk a bit about
lisa today the last time i saw we were on stage at the video music awards.
The opopour of love tell me, us how the fans have helped you through that
time and what have they done, the support, the prayers, the love.

>> Uhm (clearing throat) you know, it’s funny because, you know, that
was the first time that we were ever like out in the public and had to
deal with our personal feelings in front of everybody.

Carson: Right.

>> And, you know, in the even since then but you know we have really
great supporting fans and they love us. They love lisa, you know


[Applause] Dheerz.

>> And that mean as lot to us. That mean as lot to lisa’s family. And,
you know


>> That’s right, left eye forever, absolutely


>> And, you know, i mean it’s fans like that you know what I’m sayin’
but we bull strength from god we even pull strerngt from lis is’s family
because they are very strong.

>> Her sister is here, rana.

Carson: Come on it’s your moment.

>> This is rana, lisa’s little sister.

Carson: Welcome. Nice to see you.

>> Family cups out a lot with us to support us through our times and
different episodes we go through and the album we are workin’ and trying
to promote so that’s cool, too.

Carson: When the album comes out tuesday in your home town atlanta,
a key to the city, a big parade, it’s T.L.C. Day isn’t it?


Umpls that’s what they were talkin’ about but it didn’t happen we are
here in new york with you guys, we gave it up for you all.

Carson: Oh, you did? Excuse me. ‘Nice forget atlanta all about N.Y.C.


Carson: Great to meet you. Thank you be foring here, as well no stick
around. We’ll take a break and we’ll world premiere the video and go in
times square and watch it on a couch on the jumbo tron also the boys of
o-town we’ll talk to them about o-2 their new album — there they are and
more with T.L.C. It’s spankin’ new trl for wednesday.


Carson: Remembering our favorite. We’ll be back …


Carson: Thank you very much. I think all the ladies are excited about
“girl talk”. Your female fans are really out of control.

>> This he are the best.

Carson: — Must be crazy outside that’s christina aguilera “dirrty”
at 3. We’ll go ahead and get into “girl talk”, two questions how did it
become the first single off “-d”.

>> Ha-ha, you know he what was funny we went back and forthwith a lot
of singles trying to find the first at first it was quickie then switched
it “girl talk”


>> So, i mean but we’re happy with it, you know. It has all three of
us on it and left eye’s rap is off the chain.


[Inaudible] Her rap on this album.

Carson: Anything you want us as they watch at home to know about the
video before we world premoor or talk after.

>> Where you from, where you at what nationalalty girls talk.

>> Girls talk.

>> That’s right the girls are talkin’

>> “Holla back” and tell us what you think of the new T.L.C. Video mtv.Com
time for the first T.L.C. Video in three years right now it is the world
premiere of “girl talk” T.L.C. Check it out.

>> I don’t know about you but


Carson: Indeed.

>> The world premiere of “girl talk” T.L.C. To vote that on, vote:

Carson: It is crazy girls watch that and the busest intersection in
the world people driving from home from work right now how did it feel
to watch it live.

>> You know it kinda I’m a little emotional because, like — it’s like
all finished, you know.

>> Yeah. I love be being in times square this is like an honor just
to be here and see it outside.

>> It is, really is.

>> The way they are givin’ us love today, I’m happy.

Carson: Let’s — there is love from people at home we have “holla back”
luke instant e-mail check it on the big screen that just came in from florida.

>> Thank you.

>> Oh, thank you.

Carson: All right. This is what happens when you got superstars trying
to cross the street. T.L.C. Makin’ their way across 44th and broadway they
are here, literally walk sdoog on the set. Not much left of our spankin’
new edition today. This is the scene yesterday videos at kelly clarkson
“a moment like this” 2 from the performance right nextdoor here at 45th
we’ll show you a bit of what it looked like it’s been a great week for
us and it will continue, too

[Background music]

Carson: Thursday and friday. That was a look at justin’s performance
yesterday in times square it is “spankin’ new music week” were you nice
enough to bring something for the audience

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah we have


>> Some surprises!

Carson: ‘Got some C.D.S there?

>> Yeah.

Carson: You can pass those out if you’d like we are drasticly out of
time. T-boz god bless you, chili T.L.C. Everybody pick up their record
out next tuesday 3-d I’ll leave you know you can also pick up their album
on line but hits stores november 12th we’ll leave you know with eminem
“lose yourself” no. 1 video in the country thank you guys to watchin’ we’ll
see you tomorrow

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