‘Today’ Reports On Chris Brown Assault Charge

has been charged with assaulting his girlfriend , as new documents reveal more details about the night of the alleged attack. NBC’s Chris Jansing reported on the latest developments for the ‘Today’ show, talking with USC law school professor Jody Armour and Jennifer Garcia of People magazine. “It was gruesome stuff. It was absolutely shocking,” Garcia said. “This is certainly damaging and disturbing news.” Watch the report, aired Friday (March 6), below.

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One thought on “‘Today’ Reports On Chris Brown Assault Charge

  1. brittnay says:

    all this is some bull. They were at a party he was leaving she was with him Loran Londan Texted him said I wanna see you, Rihanna saw it she flipped took his keys out the rental throwing them he ran out, could not found them got mad went overboard and said I’m gonna kill you she hit him he hit back and started fighting she got beat up. Girl vs man duh people need to stop all this they are a good couple and if you are their number 1 fan you would for get it they did and what they so post to be sad all the time no she is pregnant so what you can see it in her dress leave them alone I did, Rihanna and Chris forever let it be get off the tip love always no grudges.

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