Toni Braxton Talks New Album

CDNow spoke with about her Christmas album, Snowflakes, which dropped November 13. Braxton credited Christina Aguilera and Frank Sinatra for their holiday work saying, “Yes, especially the classic songs. I listened to a lot of versions before I went in and did [my record], then I tried to implement my own ideas, to make it more Toni-ish. Like, I thought Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album was fabulous, and Christina [Aguilera’s] album was wonderful. I couldn’t decide whether to make it sound classic, more current, or to split the difference.”

Braxton says making new songs will be more difficult as a mother admitting, “It’ll be challenging for me to sing songs like ‘You’re Making Me High,’ which is a song about masturbation. [The baby] might be like, ‘Mommy, what are you singing there?'” has since merged with Amazon and the article was removed.

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