Too Bad That Aaliyah Doesn’t Get More Screen Time

Esther Iverem of reviewed the new starring ‘Queen of the Damned’ giving it a disappointing verdict aside from ’s performance, partly because of the limited screen time she got despite being the title character. Iverem said, “On the one hand, it is too bad that doesn’t get more screen time. Killed in a plane accident in September, this is her final performance and it is a striking one. She uses her limited appearances to establish presence, a mean, queenly swagger, a wicked glare, a flare for playing the villain and for eating bloody human hearts. On the other hand, from the moment she makes her video queen entry – all glowing like she’s been eating her queen Wheaties — she sticks out like a chocolate chip in vanilla gelato among all these sunken-eyed creatures of the night.”

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