Toure: CoverGirl Nixed Chris Brown’s BET Awards Appearance

Rolling Stone writer and former BET personality Toure is claiming that CoverGirl was behind not appearing at Sunday’s BET Awards in Los Angeles, since they are a sponsor on the station and didn’t want Brown associated with the their product endorsed by the ‘Run It’ singer’s assault victim . Toure writes on his Twitter (@tourex):

Real talk: Chris Brown was going to perform but Covergirl and Rihanna nixed that.

@BarkBiteBlog Covergirl is a BET sponsor. Rihanna is a Covergirl spokesmodel. Thus, they have some say.

@CHATSTV: I can see why Rihanna wouldn’t want to let CB use the distraction of an MJ tribute to launch his comeback…

@CHATSTV: CoverGirl must protect their girl and their brand and cannot advertise on a show that bolsters CB’s career.

@DitiSays I cannot be mad at Covergirl for blocking CB. No way they can pay to be on a show he’s part of. Rihanna’s their girl.

@Missinfo You’re right, Jay-Z had nothing to do with Chris Brown not being on the BET Awards. It was CoverGirl. And rightly so.

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One thought on “Toure: CoverGirl Nixed Chris Brown’s BET Awards Appearance

  1. brian capers says:

    I am so disappointed that we treat this young man the way hr\e has been treated,yes he was wrong for what he has done,that is what the law is for,why haven’t anyone stepped up when Remy Ma shot that young lady, in the stomach,and rambled through her purse for money ,she thought was stolen from her,why haven’t people take a stronger stand against R. Kelly, why no one took a stronger stance against, ti and his federal guns, why no one took a stance against Jay Z artist (true life who is charge with murder and attempted murder,what I am trying to say is only if someone is a product like Chris ex you know her name then people want to step up and so call speak up,but the truth is ,we need to treat each other better and forgive .isn’t that is what we teach our kids, and help these young men who is trying to do the right thing,let’s teach them and show them the way ,not help destroy them, Chris I am a firmly believe in GODS will and if you are truly sorry he will make a way out of no way (he has brought you to far to leave you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!peace my young brother>

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