Touring With Justin Bieber Is A Blast For Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior 'My Girl'

Princeton from checked in on AOL Music to blog about the kick-off of the “My World” tour with Justin Bieber earlier today. He writes:

First, let me say hangin’ out with Justin, has been a blast – we’re having so much fun. Since our last update, we’ve visited Pittsburgh, North Carolina and South Carolina, and the crowd in those cities were extra Mindless with tons of Bieber fever.

The story and pictures at have since been removed.

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17 thoughts on “Touring With Justin Bieber Is A Blast For Mindless Behavior

  1. Jasmine Wright says:

    This picture is just so cute!!!!!! I love you Mindless Behavior#

  2. tashara cobb says:

    I love Roc Royal!!

  3. tashara cobb says:

    I love you Roc Royal!!!!! You are the best I went to your concert you are awesome

  4. teana reed says:

    I love you’re song I love you Ray Ray so much

  5. teana reed says:

    and I love your song my girl she love me and Mrs. Right and future

  6. diamond wheeler says:

    I love Mindless Behavior I love RAY RAY and I love the rest of them come to Chester and talk to me if you can not look me up on Facebook Diamond Wheeler.

  7. timesha says:

    I love PRINCETON he is the sexiest of them all

  8. saffie says:

    I love this picture so much …and I love l Roc Royal and Ray Ray
    <3<3<3Mindless Behavior
    Safie out =p

  9. latasha says:

    hey I love all of you

  10. jasmine says:

    OMG, I love y’all Mindless Behavior I could repeat to all y’all songs. I love Princeton and Prodigy ! y’all so cute !!

  11. Regain says:

    I Love Prodigy and Roc Royal. I love the song Mrs. Right!!!!! You guys are so cute :)

  12. Raven says:

    what is wrong with you Regain ?

  13. teonia says:

    I love you guys. One day y’all gone 2 be my bfffl

  14. teonia says:

    I am you guys’ biggest #1 fan

  15. teonia says:

    I just love you guys’ personality

  16. jocelyn george says:

    Ray Ray is so sexy

  17. Galaletsang Tumelo Tsimane says:

    MINDLESS BEHAVIOR 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR SONGS and PICTURE your the BEST!!!!!!!! I am even speechless. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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