Trey Songz Attacks Sandra Rose After “Gay Poses” Comment

is biting at Sandra Rose on his Twitter (@songzyuuup), getting #sandraroseface as a trending topic and making unkind remarks about the gossip blogger. He’s apparently reacting to Sandra’s September 28th update writing, “Struggling R&B singer Trey Song strikes questionable gay poses in the current issue of Urban Ink magazine”. Songz writes:

I’m bout to do this show & by the time I get off stage my fans will have made #sandraroseface a trending topic

Crackheads use #sandraroseface instead of masturbating

All the roadkill we passed on the way here looked like #sandraroseface

@AshLas it’s all in fun!!! Besides, #sandraroseface looks like a backed up toilet
#sandraroseface hurt her body’s chances in life

#SandraRoseface never met me but it stay wrapped around my shaft. I’m truly sorry for whatever went wrong in ur life but I’m not the blame.

Lol it’s all jokes, Shawty talk about me all the time. I’m sure she can take a couple jokes. I’m done wit it. Shout to IUP!!!! Great Show :)

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5 thoughts on “Trey Songz Attacks Sandra Rose After “Gay Poses” Comment

  1. team trey songz says:

    Trey Songz has the right to bash on SR…i mean everyone is bashing on him b/c of her..
    ain’t by the way I still haven’t seen proof indicating trey is a homo !! and SR is so sad for her lil video she posted like Trey would really hump Drake at a concert !! LMAO at the sad chick I mean really though.. if he was gay he wouldn’t be that dumb !!!

  2. james says:

    Trey Songz is not gay so do not do that if I was trey I would say fu** all you dumb bitches

  3. jazzie says:

    Why won’t all these people just get off his back because if Trey Songz was gay he would admit it dummies

  4. Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson says:

    Amen, someone needs to she`s one of the most false gossip sites out
    there. I mean every story I read from her, the person always have a
    backup when others ask them about the subject. Her and other
    false sites need to be shut down. I know this is how they make money
    but damn, come on, you can give the truth on others instead of being
    another website that needs to be shut down for good.

  5. gabrielle ward says:

    Y’all some haters get up off my man Trey Songz he don’t want y’all! lol

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