Trey Songz Checks Just As ‘Trey Day’ Drops

posted a bulletin to his Myspace friends just after midnight on the east coast, now that his new album ‘Trey Day’ is officially released. He writes:

Aye yall!!!

October 2 is here!, yall been waiting for a while & imagine… I’ve been waiting even longer!! I want to personally thank you all for helping keep me relevant in this music game for the last two years. Your support gives me strength when I’m in doubt. I have no doubt in my mind that we’ll have a great 1st week in sales :). People always focus on the 1st week sales but what people never speak on is the drop they take (in sales) the following weeks.

So where I’m confident so many of you will go & cop the 1st week, I urge you to spread the word to whomever needs to know!!!

I’m up against J.Holiday & Soldia Boy on my week, (No comparison to the Kanye West 50 situation lol) but I strongly believe that with all the support and love yall show that we can take the cake.
We all know I’m underated, I get emails from you all about that everyday. Let’s not dwell on that and think about the future. I promise you’ll love the album & the rest of the world who doesn’t know what it is yet soon will!!!!

Also… I know I got hella fans in NY & Power 105 is spinning “CAN’T HELP BUT WAIT” like crazy but for whatever reason Hot97 hasn’t added my record to rotation. I need yall to demand that they play my record! Blow the phones up, blow the text up, however baby….let’s get it!!!!!!!
It doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re in, if u feel as though you’re not hearing me enough LET THOSE STATIONS KNOW!!!

Trey Day Is Here !!!

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