Trey Songz In Sister 2 Sister Magazine’s October Issue

In the October issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine, R&B cutie wants his fans to know that he’s got love for them, even when he’s having a bad day.

“It’s so much emotion caught up in that little time period from them,” he said. “You don’t know how many times they’ve been listening to your songs, how many times they’ve been looking at your picture, requested your video and all this. And [if] you tell them ‘I ain’t taking no pictures right now,’ that can crush their whole life. And there’s so much going on with them, they’re not understanding what’s going on with you. They’re like, ‘Why you can’t pictures? That’s what you do! You’re supposed to take pictures with me. I love you. Take this picture!'”

It’s even happened to Trey when he’s trying to eat.

“Sometimes those situations are hard to deal with. You can’t be perfect all the time, but I try to make sure that my fans are always satisfied.”

The October issue of Sister 2 Sister, which also features interviews with Keyshia Cole and Keke Wyatt, hits newsstands September 11.

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One thought on “Trey Songz In Sister 2 Sister Magazine’s October Issue

  1. gabrielle ward says:

    i don’t care what y’all say about Trey Songz he’s my favorite singer and I am only 15 I liked him when I was 8 years old he ain’t gay y’all just some haters cause he make more money than y’all. And when y’all get up on his level that’s when y’all start talking and if he was gay he would say he was like it like Nicki. on live TV hahahaha lol haters hey Trey I love you!

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