Trey Songz Sings ‘Chapter V’ Songs, Talks About The New Album

Trey Songs close-up during a Walmart Soundcheck appearance, where he performed a set list that included 'Simply Amazing', 'Dive In', '2 Reasons', 'Heart Attack', 'Can't Be Friends' and 'Say Aah'

performed songs from his hit new album ‘Chapter V’ for Walmart Soundcheck. In addition, the R&B singer sat down for an exclusive in-depth interview. The set list features ‘Simply Amazing’, ‘Dive In’, ‘2 Reasons’, ‘Heart Attack’, ‘Can’t Be Friends’ and ‘Say Aah’.

During the interview, Trey discussed what he wants to do with his music, being amazed that he’s released five albums, how the album differs from his prior work, the story behind the track ‘Simply Amazing’ and the first single ‘Heart Attack’, the writing process for ‘Chapter V’ and how the most pressure he feels is from himself.

“I want to make music that can serve as a soundtrack for so many different people’s lives,” Trey explained, “and I think that’s what this album does. It opens up very sensual, very crazy, then it goes to another place of love and life and heartbreak and happiness and we go to the club a couple of times. We’re gonna make you dance, we’ll cry together, we’ll laugh together and we’re gonna love together on this album.”

On the career he’s established at 27-years-old, Trey said, “First of all it’s hard to believe I have a fifth album. I still remember my first album very vividly and ever step to get where we are here now, and every album as been about evolving, adding to my musicality, to my production value, whether it be lyrical content. I think my voice has got a lot stronger.”

Talking about how his latest effort has differed from his prior albums, Trey said, “With this ‘Chapter V’ album, I think a lot of what’s different about the album is that within two years I saw a lot of the world that I’ve never seen before. I met a lot of fans I never knew I had and realized the impact I have on people’s lives.”

Talking about ‘Heart Attack’, Songz said it “speaks on the many emotions of love. The point when loving someone isn’t easy anymore. It’s not the beginning of the relationship when you’ve had your ups and downs and you’re at a point where you’re trying to figure out if you’re gonna make it. That’s a hurtful feeling. This song is about not wanting to give that up, and I’ve definitely felt that before.”

On the ‘Chapter V’ writing process, he said it “varied from song to song. I recorded some of this album in Miami. I recorded some in New York. Some in LA. I even did some recording in Brussels, even in Australia as well. It’s such an incredible process to see a song come from nothing to audio to now a video to now a single, to a song that nobody knew you could perform to now singing it like they wrote it themselves. Sometimes I hear a track and I might write it out. Sometimes it might be already be an idea. Sometimes somebody may bring an idea incompletely to me and I’ll finish that up. For the most part, it’s amazing.”

The performances and the interview video can be viewed at View additional pictures from Trey’s visit below the cut.

Trey Songs live on Walmart Soundcheck, performing songs from his fifth album 'Chapter V'
Trey Songs appears on Walmart Soundcheck to perform and discuss the process of creating his latest album 'Chapter V'
Trey Songs on stage during his Walmart Soundcheck performance and interview
Trey Songs smiles during his Walmart Soundcheck appearance, where he talked about his single 'Heart Attack'
Trey Songs sitting during a Walmart Soundcheck appearance, where he discussed how writing his new album 'Chapter V' took him many places across the world
Trey Songs singing tracks from his new album 'Chapter V' during his Walmart Soundcheck

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