Trey Songz’s Boss: No Radio Airplay, No Album

Troy Taylor, CEO of Songbook Entertainment, posted the following Myspace bulletin to fans of on Monday (July 23):

Wsup myspace!!!!! I couldn’t help but notice that trey has like over 500,000 friends. Thanx so much for the love and support shown thus far. If we can get all of his friends to go and request his new single at your local radio stations, we can really get this album finally out to you. I have no doubts that Trey Songz is about to be where he belongs and that’s on top of the game. All the haters, please keep hating and talking cause that helps out the promotion lol!!!

Trey Songz’s new single ‘Can’t Help But Wait’ was produced by Stargate and written by my lil bro and protege’ Johnta Austin (Mariah, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown) so I’m so proud to have both of my proteges working together. Let’s go people!!! Many of you ask when is his album coming out and it doesn’t make sense to put it out without a great amount of airplay. So that means you control when it comes. As I’ve stated before in an early bulletin, if we can get all of his friends to purchase the album (not the bootlegs & free download leaks) when it does come out, then you will be helping trey get his just due. Thank you in advance for the love.

“Helping legends stay legends & creating new legends”

It’s songbook baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Troy Taylor

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