Truth Hurts Is Eagerly Awaiting Beyonce’s Solo Album

Contributed by MOSDEF2:

93.9 Kiss FM about 9:45am in Washington, D.C. – Truth called in on
the phone and they gave her mad props on her 2nd single, and they
asked her who she was listening too, nowadays. She said “well, I
don’t listen to the radio so if I have or was to buy anybody’s CD,
it’s because I feel they are a TRUE artist!” Russ said “well who’s CD
do you have or are want to buy?” She said “I have , India
Arie, my girl Lauryn Hill, but who I’m really looking foward to
is…BEYONCE KNOWLES!! People really don’t know the talent that this
woman has, the beautiful humanitarian that she is and she’s a sweet-
heart! But people HATE on her because she is up front in your face
like WHAT!..I’m beautiful, talented, sexy, and a business woman!
Beyonce is like an she doesn’t smell..there are just so
many layers to her, that she’s going to peel off slowly with
everything that she does, and the world is not ready!”

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