Tweet Stops By TRL Monday

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk to guest host Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys. again mentioned her suicide ordeal and talked about tomorrow’s release of ‘Southern Hummingbird’. Read on for the transcript to their chat.

Tweet interview:

Kevin: Right now i’ll introduce my first guest, her new album “southern
hummingbird” comes out tomorrow. Please give it up for tweet!

Tweet: hi!

Kevin: Welcome.

Tweet: Thank you. Thanks for havin’ me.

Kevin: How are you do’?

Tweet: I’m excited.

Kevin: How does it feel?

Tweet: Great.

Kevin: Good to have you here thanks for stoppin’ by. I got a little
question for you.

Tweet: Okay.

Kevin: Now your video is doin’ really well, at 10 today.

Tweet: Yeah!

Kevin: You got anything special to say to your fans that voted for it?

Tweet: Oh, god, i just want to say thanks to everybody that voted, you
know, continue to vote. I love you! Thank you so much. I really appreciate
it. Yeah! ‘Love you!’

Kevin: Your debut album “Southern Hummingbird” comes out —

Tweet: Tomorrow, yes

Kevin: I know before our albums hit stores I get nervous. Are you?

Tweet: I’m more nervous but more excited like christmas is coming tomorrow
and the gift i never got is coming tomorrow i’m excited, more excited than

Kevin: I can feel you very much.

Tweet: Thank you.

Kevin: I heard you say you are indebted to Missy Elliott. Tell us about
her and her role in your career and your music.

Tweet: Wow. First of all she’s my guardian angel. Hi, Missy, love you,

Kevin: She is dope.

Tweet: She is. Back in 1994 you know I joined this group where I met
everybody and I was in that group from ’94 to 2000 and I had lost contact
with Missy and Tim but from 2000 quitin’ the group I started comtemplating
suicide. I went through that many years without being successful and Missy
called me in the middle of the night you know around the time I was contemplating
and said I need you come do these background vocals for my album so I did
and I was playin’ one of my songs upstairs in the room and she was like
I didn’t know you knew how to do this. I call her my guardian angel because
she called me at the time –.

Kevin: That call came from God.

Tweet: From God, nothin’ but God, that’s right

Kevin: you’ll hang around some more.

Tweet: Yes.

..after video

Kevin: all right. Now let’s talk about the music on the album. Now,
the first video for “Oops, Oh, My” what was it like shootin’ that. I know
my first time i was like, okay whatever you want me to do, so nervous i
didn’t know what i was doin’, so ….

Tweet: First of all Camron who directed this came up with this brilliant
idea for being an ice house and as I perform everything is meltin’ and
my best friend Missy is in it and it was excitin’ to do my first video
for my song and i was jumpin’ for joy.

Kevin: Your first video is bangin’. It is hot.

Tweet: Thank you.

Kevin: Y’all give it up for Tweet. Thank you for stopin’ by.

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