Tweet Visits TRL Friday

was on MTV’s Total Request Live earlier today to perform both ‘Oops (Oh My)’ and her new single ‘Call Me’. talked about going gold and the new video for ‘Call Me’, and also revealed she’s been in the studio helping Missy Elliott on her new album. Read on for a transcript.

My first guest, if her shirt goes up over her head today we hope she
is wearing a bikini underneath. Seaside, say hi to Tweet.


Carson: A standing ovation.


Carson: Look at that you got the standing o from the kids in Jersey.

Tweet: I know. Thank you. I love you!


Carson: It is nice to have you here. Thank you so much for joining us
on TRL we appreciate it. A bit windy but no one cares; right.

Tweet: Right.

Carson: Ready ready to get our party on.

Tweet: Right.

Carson: The album, congratulations has gone gold. That’s awesome for

Tweet: I didn’t expect it to do that big, you know, because i just went
in the studio, kinda like therapy for me, going through a lot in my life.
I didn’t know it would have that effect on people.

Carson: Tell me what’s going on in the video for “Call Me”.

Tweet: The song is about actually cheatin’ on the person you are with
but in the video — but in the video I’m actually sayin’ I’m man I’m with
is actually the man I’m cheatin’ with. So that’s what that is about.

Carson: You tackle sexual, tough topics in your videos.

Tweet: Yeah, some honest stuff.

Carson: I know you worked a lot with Missy Elliott in the studio now.

Tweet: Workin’ on her album, yeah.

Carson: You will — will you come in and do stuff.

Tweet: Definitely. She’s going to call when she needs me and I’m flyin’,
I’m there.

Carson: We are so glad you are with us. Tweet are you going to perform.

Tweet: Yes.

Carson: She will perform for ya

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