Tyra Banks Previews Chris Brown Appearance

Tyra Banks checked in with fans on Thursday (November 15) on her e-mail list previewing her show on Friday featuring Chris Brown. “Last season on the Tyra show he came with the cast of ‘Stomp the Yard’ – and was a really fun guest,” she said of the singer. “But you have no idea how amazing he is until you watch Chris Brown THIS FRIDAY (November 16th). Here’s a little secret… when Chris first comes on the show, I did this CRAZY thing where I started kicking my legs in my chair with excitement! The problem is… I SPLIT MY PANTS!!!!!! For the rest of the show I was interviewing Chris with my booty exposed through the ripped seams in my pants (the worst part is I didn’t know I had split them until half-way through the show). Tomorrow, Chris fills the entire hour OVER-FLOWING with energy, fun, music and emotional moments that I was never expecting to get from him. He talks honestly about growing up and seeing his mother getting physically abused. He never shies away from being real with me – he even admits to being a bed-wetter when he was younger and tells why on the show.”

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