Tyrese & Paul Walker Become Fast Pals On ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’

Paul Walker admitted that his initial trepidations about working without ‘The Fast and the Furious’ star Vin Diesel quickly evaporated once he spent time with Tyrese. “Initially I wasn’t too happy about it because [Vin and I] did the movie together, and I was like, come on bro, we gotta go back and make the sequel,” Walker told Entertainment Today. “Tyrese came on, [and] in hindsight I’m stoked.” Tyrese was similarly appreciative of their on- and off-screen time together — despite their differences. “We vibed. I’m from the ghetto, Watts, dark skinned, black,” he said. “Paul is from Huntington Beach. He’s the all American white boy, blonde hair, blue eyes. It wasn’t like, ‘Y’all only gonna hang out on the set. Y’all ain’t gonna be in each other’s trailers.’ We went to clubs together. We was in each other’s hotel rooms partying. We went to sushi spots, flirted with girls, hollered. It wasn’t work for me. It was like I’m out here getting paid to hang out.” ent-today.com has since shut down.

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