U-S-H-O Raymond: All Sex No Substance?

Oftentimes on this site, people voice their honest views about certain R&B female singers such as Beyonce and Ashanti, and because they refuse to conform to ass kissing, they are slated for it and called a hater. Well, call me a hater for liking my music to be filet mignon, instead of poorly packaged cheeseburgers. But let me not digress, this is not about them.

This is however about a certain arrogant, buff from the neck down, egotistical, bed hopping singer who is as famous for his bedroom antics as he is for the catchy commercial tunes like “Burn” and “Yeah!” If somehow you are delirious or just missed the plot, the person I mean is .

There is no question that Usher has a career built on sex appeal, but could it be said that he is all sex, no substance? Case in point, the album “Confessions” attracted more attention that any of its predecessors, not because the lyrics were profound, but they were HOfound. Listen to tracks such as “That’s what it’s made for” “Do it to me” and obviously “Confessions parts 1 and 2” Clearly Usher’s success is not due to his amazing vocal talent, be real you know it isn’t. It’s based on the fact that Usher has zoomed up to 9 on the HO scale.

He’s not articulate, he has a nice voice (doesn’t touch Brian McKnight though,) he can dance his ass off, I give him that. But beneath the oversexed facade, the back lash and slander and his proclivity to date older women (unsuccessfully I might add,) Usher may be pulling off a big stunt here, by unmasking his true self UsHO.

UsHO is one of the best performers of our time, and is one of the most publicly promiscuous performers too. Now, if he were a woman some would slate him for being a bad example blah blah blah. But you must see through UsHO and take him as seriously as he isn’t.

As for his fu**ing and moaning about the Grammys (two too many a mon avis) can someone tell him that the biggest contribution he’s making to music is sexual, sure he has great producers and improves over time, but in order to stop being just a well-choreographed performer, it’s time for a HO to be a man.

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