Usher Bites At Sisqo – Says He ‘Lost His Mind’

tells Beat magazine of Australia that he has no love for Dru Hill’s . “ was the guy who thought of the idea, but obviously in putting together a group you can’t be as selfish as that little muthafu**a was,” Usher blasted. “You can’t try to put together things and then you get so full of yourself that you lose your mind. I don’t know if the audience in Australia knows about and how he lost his mind as an entertainer, but I think he did. I think this industry can hype you up so much that you begin to think you’re larger than you actually are – and that’s what happened. So when the guy approached me, I think the way that he approached me was wrong. It’s almost like the dude wanted to battle every R&B artist in the industry, but how can you say you wanna put together a group of R&B artists but you wanna battle and you say that you’re the illest of all time? That ain’t gonna happen, playa!”

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