Usher Defends VMA Speech About Justin Timberlake On Extra

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Extra’ TV’s Jon Kelley spoke briefly with , backstage from his Truth Tour. , who just had under an hour until show time, flashed his U-chain bling, showed off his elaborately decorated dressing room and defended his speech at this year’s recent VMA’s, which included a swipe at *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake. said of the speech, “He can take it how he wants to, but I hope it didn’t come off as me trying to belittle him because I think he’s talented. I said it because the whole comparison thing is ridiculous. He does something completely different from what I do. He does his pop thing, I am an R&B artist. I dance for a living, I’ve been dancing for almost as long as I’ve been walking, man. I just feel like he’s doing what I was doing ten years ago, when I first started. There’s no competition. He’s a cool guy and all, but I think we’re on two different wavelengths.” On another note, emphasized that his show is definitely the best concert of the year, and said “everyone must come check it out, if it’s not already sold out.” And for those expecting lipsynching, says there’s none of that on this show. “It’s all live. What you see is what you’re really getting. I could pre-record some vocals to make it a little easier when I’m doing those intricate routines, and I admit, I do that sometimes. But I wanted to make sure atleast the tour had 100% live vocals and was as live as it gets.””

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