Usher, Jerkins Two Way Page During Grammys

MTV News spoke with several artists via two way page during Wednesday night’s Grammy awards including (who was on tour in Germany) and Rodney Jerkins (in an Atlanta studio with Toni Braxton). told MTV, “Well, I’m trying to make the best of it, being that I’m not there to accept my award. I’m going forward with the best attitude. I hate that I’m not able to be there. I got the home team that’s gonna keep me abreast of what’s going on. I’m probably gonna have someone call me when the winner [is announced] so I can hear. I hate that I can’t see Thandie Newton on the red carpet. I had a nice little gangsta outfit I was gonna wear. The wildest thing about it is that I had a gun holster on my outfit, but there’s no gun in it. It was sick. It’s time for y’all cats to beware. Y’all better beware because it’s going down.” Read more.

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