Usher Offers His Prayers And Condolences To Jennifer Hudson

spoke with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ at the opening night for his ladies only “One Night Stand” show, where the R&B singer offered his thoughts on the shooting deaths of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew. “My heart goes out to Jennifer and her entire family,” said. “It’s just unfortunate that things like this do occur. They don’t make a lot of sense. But you know there definitely is a devil that’s alive, and is always active. Any ill deed done to us is really to tear us down, so we need to pray for her strength right now. Hopefully our prayers and condolences will begin to make her, hopefully, feel better.”

Usher also spoke about doing something special for his female fans on this tour, wanting to make this an intimate trek, how life with his son is the greatest part of his life, and being thankful for the family he has and being able to do what he loves. Video of the interview at has since been removed.

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