Usher Phones Into TRL

phoned into MTV’s ‘Total Request Live’ on Wednesday to talk with John Norris about the huge success of his latest album ‘Confessions’, which sold 1.1 million copies its first week out, the biggest number ever for a R&B album. thanked fans and repeatedly said “God is good.” Read on for a rough transcript to the phone chat.

John: The man of the hour, the man of the week, the man of the year, I guess, at this point, joins us right now. Usher, how you doing, man?

Usher: What’s the deal, y’all? What’s going on, “trl”? We made history today, man.

John: You absolutely did. A big congratulations from here in New York. What does it mean, man, to have the biggest opening week for an r&b record in the history of sound scan?

Usher: Well, it means a lot of people bought a lot of albums first and foremost.

John: That puts you ahead of R. Kelly, destiny’s child. An incredible list of people.

Usher: You know what? Because of the support of my fans in the past and obviously as you said, you know, an amount of controversy associated with it could be, but i think it’s the fact that it’s real music. And furthermore, god is good, y’all. God is good.

[ Cheers and applause ]

John: All right.

Usher: God is good, y’all. Look at what he did.

John: Are you even a little surprised yourself at the numbers were that

Usher: Am I surprised? No. Because i know god is good, john. It’s just
something about, you know, having real music. Having great producers and Jermaine due pray and it comes together to make a great album. Furthermore, all of the experiences I went through, being free and into talk about them, you know, a lot of people in the beginning were like this might be too much for people. It might be to be too personal but I think it’s time. I think, you know, i got to a point where I can be real. I can get real talking and it touched people. This is the beginning of something very major, you know, in the midst of all with — it couldn’t come at a better time and at a worst time. But i just have to say you know what, god is good to have me brought me through all of that and then allowed this to happen.

John: Next week you’re going up against the one and only Janet Jackson.
Are you going to hold on to number one?

Usher: Man? You know what?

John: Another battle.

Usher: This is happening too fast, man. I thank all my fans and I thank you for supporting me. Everybody out on the street right now n the studio, thank you for your support.

John: Thank you, man. Thank you for calling in. All the best, okay?

Usher: No doubt. Thank you.

John: Take it easy.

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