Usher Reveals He Has Dyslexia

tells Sister 2 Sister magazine in their November issue that he suffers from dyslexia, a disability that affects reading and other learning skills. admits, “It’s nothing to be ashamed of or shy about. You just definitely have to deal with it.”

Usher though does admit he turned down a role in the sitcom “Sister, Sister” because he had problems reading the script saying, “It can mess with your self esteem. You might say ‘Man, I’m slow.'”

Since then though the singer has sought help from a tutor and has made enough improvements to nab roles in “She’s All That” and “Light It Up.”

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  1. M.K.S. says:

    I’ve become ‘a MUCH, -BIG-ger fan, of USHER (now’): in my BIAS. ;) ;)_

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