Usher Tells His Side Of The Chilli Breakup Story

tells Rolling Stone magazine after he and Chilli from dated for two years, Thomas moved into his house. Then they started to fight, over stupid things, and they finally broke up a few days after New Year’s 2004. says Thomas kept calling, though, obsessing about whether he’d been with other women (he’d previously said he hadn’t, but she wasn’t so sure). “I said I didn’t want to talk about it over the telephone,” says. “So she came over, but I had to do an interview. She said, ‘You running.’ I canceled it and sat down. I didn’t take the blame out on her, say that she as a woman didn’t give me what I needed. I said, ‘This is something I did, it was a fu**ed-up decision.’ She wanted to know who and how many times, and I said, ‘That’s not important.’ Then she got on the radio and talked about it — I could not believe that she did that.”

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One thought on “Usher Tells His Side Of The Chilli Breakup Story

  1. amber wisman says:

    I am sorry what happen between you and Chilli. You two made a good couple. And the songs you made about you two everyone should you and Chilli really were in love…….

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