Usher ‘TRL’ Transcript

stopped by MTV’s ‘Total Request Live’ on Thursday to talk about the huge success of his new album ‘Confesssions’ and debut his new video for ‘Burn’. Read on for a rough transcript.

LaLa: What up? So, the fansed you side are loud. But the fans in here,
they’re even louder. And it’s for a good reason. Y’all give it up for atl’s
own usher. Usher’s in the building.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Usher: I think — I think — can i have a minute with you? Hello. Outside
it’s crazy.

LaLa: [ Cheers and applause ] I think that’s the best “trl” entrance
we have had in a long time.

Usher: Yeah. Got to give it back to yau thank you for make me number
one in the country. This week for five weeks now.

LaLa: Number up with album, five weeks in a row.

Usher: Yeah.

LaLa: Let me start off with this question. How did you feel after that
first week and they told you, your alsold 1.1 million copies?

[ Cheers and applause ] What’s the first thing that came to your mind?

Usher: First thing that came to mind I just thought about the long struggle
that’s it taken to make this possible. I’ve been doing this for ten years
and for everybody that’s bought all my albums. Just — just knowing that
the album was well anticipated and that it was a great response. I was
I think thatful to work with the producers that i worked with. But for
the most part, that it was a monumental moment for r&B.

LaLa: Definitely. We’re going to play “burn” today. Can’t wait to see
it. This is number ten, kanye west, “all falls down.”

So she

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Kanye west right there, number ten. Get the boy back up on the
count down. La la is hanging out upstairs with usher as we speak. In times
square, out countdown of brad pitt is coming to an end. We sit down with
the sexiest man alive, mr. Brad pitt on monday. Everybody loves brad pitt.
Don’t miss “trl” on monday. Make his first visit, again to the “trl” studios.

TRL: We have usher in the house. I have got veronica here who says she’s
one of the biggest usher fans. You have been with him since day one?

Fan: Yes.

TRL: Is “confessions” his best album?

LaLa: I thought 8107 a lot. I think “confessions” beat it. Everything
usher touches has to go platinum status.

TRL: I think so. Would you like to come up to the studio and check out
his new video?

Fan: Yes, i would love to.

TRL: Nice. We’ll head upstairs and we head back to the countdown.

LaLa: They know you a here. And album “confessions” is off the hook.
Unbelievable album.

Usher: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

LaLa: Let me ask you, why do you think that “confessions” is doing so

Usher: Well, it has —

Usher: What did you say?

Fan: Because you fine. Because you fine.

Usher: “Confessions” — you know I’ll put it this way. For all the people
who are inspiration and making a record, it goes back to the beginning
of r&b, from sam cook to marvin gaye, stevie wonder. R. Kelly, everybody
that i had inspiration from, they made music like this, you know, using
their personal experiences, either writing about very real issues which
makes some real r&b music. I think that’s kind of missed in the world.
I mean, all the rappers are singing now. So it’s like — so now it takes
a — really, really to get r&b back into the mode. I think that’s what
it is. It’s real.

LaLa: Real music.

Usher: Thank you, mark pitts, yeah, man.

LaLa: And currently, you’re on the cover of rolling stone. Take a look
at that right now.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Usher: Awesome.

LaLa: Yeah. And the cover of vibe. You have been on the cover — of
every magazine. Tell me how does it feel when you’re walking past a newsstand
and you see the magazines and it’s you on this cover, that cover?

Usher: I’ll tell you a funny story. I don’t know how old I was, but
a girlfriend of mine, we used to go late, late night at a grocery store
and we’d look at the magazines and my face wasn’t anywhere. So we went
— so check it out. So we’d go through the magazine, he’s one picture,
here’s one picture. She called me the other day. This is so amazing, i
went to the store and i couldn’t help but see you everywhere and you deserve
this. It’s cool. It feels good.

LaLa: We have to take our first break. We have the “trl” premiere of
“burn” coming up. A lot going on. “Trl” is coming right back.

[ Cheers and applause ]

LaLa: That’s number eight right there, beyonce, “naughty girl.” Welcome
back to “trl.” It’s day four mtv straightup hip-hop all week. And let me
see, we have our big usher fan from outside. She’s ready to watch the premiere
of “burn” like the rest of us. So we’re hanging out with usher. Yes.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Usher: Yeah, man.

LaLa: Now, the new video is off the hook. So let’s talk about this girl
that you’re rolling around with in the bra and all of that. Did you know
the girl before you did the video?

Usher: You know what? It was really hard choosing to lead. We had a
lot of people. Jessica clark is her name. Very beautiful model. I wanted
to paint a great picture. I didn’t have a personal relationship with her
before, but hope to in the future. We ain’t spoke since the video.

LaLa: Okay. Were you nervous at all shooting the video?

Usher: Nervous? Nervous? In the bed. Wow. In the bed? No.

LaLa: Okay. Moving right along —

[ Cheers and applause ] Where was the video — not that i know anything.
I’m saying — now, where was the video film at?

Usher: Filmed in los angeles, california at frank sinatra’s pad.

LaLa: That’s off the hook.

Usher: That’s hot. That’s hot. He did his damn thing.

LaLa: A “trl” premiere. Why don’t you go ahead and introduce it.

Usher: Here’s another reason to go out and buy my new album, “confessions
of the soul” here is the video, “burn.” You’re going to love it. I’m telling

[ Cheers and applause ]

LaLa: That was a “trl” premiere right there. Usher, “burn.” 1-800-dial-mtv
and everyone was feeling that video. Now because “yeah” is only one day
away from retirement, that means “burn” isn’t eligible for voting until
today. No, he’s got both video, “yeah” and “burn”, it’s all good. Thank
you so much for coming by. For real. Best of luck with everything.

Usher: You have no idea how happy i am. Man, i just — this is a beautiful
moment in my life, y’all. I can’t explain it, y’all. No, ’cause — it’s

[ Cheers and applause ]

LaLa: Real talk right here, usher, y’all. The album in stores right

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