Usher Wanting To See Britney & Justin Scrap At VMAs

Damien chatted with on MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday before Thursday’s big MTV Video Music Awards where is nominated in three categories. says when asked what is he looking to see at the awards, the breakup of *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears was on his mind. “I want to see Britney and Justin get into a scrap or something like that,” he said. Read on for a transcript.

Usher: How are you doing, Damien?

Damien: Good. Did you just get here?

Usher: Yeah, just chilling.

Damien: You’re up for three awards. Three vmas. You got best male, best
choreographer, and best r&b video. How do you feel about that. Excited?

Usher: I feel like a lot of hard work went into all of them and this
is a big year for me. Working very hard on 8701, all of the videos and
all of the — you know, concepts, whether they be choreographer and everything,
so this is a payoff.

Damien: The video is off of 8701. It’s you dancing and you’re one of
the greatest dancers out there today. Think that’s your specialty today.
Is the choreographer award the night you want?

Usher: Yes, my night would be complete if i won all three. But obviously.

Damien: In a perfect world.

Usher: But, no, choreographer is my pick.

Damien: Okay.

Damien: You know. And who are you looking to see? Who are you looking
to check out?

Usher: Want to see — i want to see Britney and Justin get into a scrap
or something like that.

Damien: I want to see that, too.

Usher: Very cool. I hanging out with usher here. Video music awards.
Th about to h happen from radio city and thank you very much, guys.

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