Usher Won’t Go Rock For Iann

Iann Robinson of MTV News spoke with before the start of Thursday’s MTV Video Music Awards. Iann was trying to get to adopt a more rockin’ edge, but other than an offer to sport a mohawk, he’d have no part of it. Read on for a transcript.

Iann: They have moved me down stairs into hell. Here with me right
now is a man who needs no introduction usher how are you, dude. Good to
see you a veteran been here a long time. Anything you’re psyched to see.

Usher: Bruce springsteen, no doubt about it. Want to see the family
— my girl is in the house tonight. I want to see her come out and do her
thing. Tlc.

Iann: what’s going on with you?

Usher: Right now I’m coming off my tour.

Iann: I heard your tour was great.

Usher: Amazing. It was hot all across the U.S. We did a dvd for it out
in the fall. I’ll be back in the in the studio sued hopefully 2003. Let’s
go back and talk about the punk rock vibe. That’s what you know. I’m an
officialed solely representd for sole r and b music.

Iann: You’ll hold it down for nine tracks the 10th track i play drums.
I know you can scream.

Usher: How do you guys thick i look with a mohawk?

Iann: Dude, take this out. We get a safely pin in there.

Usher: Like I have waves down the middle of my hair.

Iann: This s a nice jacket. Where but it get this.

Usher: It’s exclusive. I’m rocking solo tonight. Representing

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