Usher’s ‘Yeah’ Grows On Chad Hugo

Australia’s Beat magazine spoke with Chad Hugo of The Neptunes and asked him for his thoughts on ’s new album ‘Confessions’. “I haven’t heard the whole thing,” he told Andrew Murfett. “But he’s doing his thing. He didn’t have a lot of hot producers on this one, but you know what, sometimes you don’t need that. I think it’s good that he hasn’t really gone on the strength of who can make the record. It’s about , and with him, that’s what it should be all about. is an amazing performer and the motherfu**er is number one. I wasn’t crazy about ‘Yeah’ at first because it reminded me of our song, ‘Lookin’ At Me’, that we did with Ma$e, but it’s infectious and it’s really grown on me. Radio plays that sh** to death and I kind of see why.”

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