Vanessa Bryant’s Face Off With Brandy

Star magazine reports Vanessa Bryant’s marriage with her basketball star hubby Kobe is stronger than ever, demonstrated by a run-in with the Lakers’ star’s ex, at a game on January 4th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles against cross town rivals the Clippers. The two women were seated a row apart at the game when, an eyewitness recalls, “made a snide remark to Vanessa [who] turned around and gave her the finger.” fired something back and then Vanessa “laid into her,” flashing Kobe’s gift — the infamous $4-million ring — Kobe had given her, right in ’s face. The ring must have had magical powers: Instead of embarrassing Vanessa, “the face-off seemed to re-energize her,’ ” says an insider. “Until that point, Vanessa had been subdued, but then it was like she had to protect her turf and make a stand.”

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