Vibe’s Valdes Responds To Mary J.’s Acceptance Diss

Mary J. Blige

said for her acceptance speech for the 2005 VLegend Award: “Last but not least, I gotta thank Quincy Jones and this whole VIBE thing. Absolutely. For so many years, VIBE has given me great, great, great covers, but I must say, I’m very, very disappointed at the cover this time, so Mimi, me and you really need to talk, as women. No disrespect, but I really hated the way you guys shaved off my head, pushed my forehead way back behind my ears. I’m just insulted, so that’s no respect on the cover, but I thank you, and I appreciate this award.” And Tuesday (November 15), Editor-in-Chief Mimi Valdés responded to the diss. Read it here.

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