Wendy Williams Gives Sisqo Gay Grief

Dru Hill was on the Wendy Williams show on WBLS/New York earlier today and the DJ really was going after wondering if he was gay. , has once again, gone on record again as saying he’s straight. It seems that he was skating around it a little: “What’s a professional? See, I don’t know what that is.” The first answer he gave was, “I’m just sexual.” But he says he was being facetious. And when they were about to leave, she said, “See, the sleeves over the hands is the gay look. But don’t change, that’s you.”

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6 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Gives Sisqo Gay Grief

  1. lay lay be be says:

    I don’t know what’s going on with him and I’m starting to think Sisqo is gay!!!! I just don’t know.

  2. shahara says:

    I don’t think Sisqo is gay but even if he is I still love him and would love to meet him

  3. Everyone knows that man is GAY says:

    Everyone knows that man is GAY. It is so obvious with his hair colors throughout the years, his tight pants that he wears and all. He even looks like it. I even seen pictures of this dude with another dude nude running. So, if he is straight, now someone explain the picture then, cause to me he is in love with men!

  4. Everyone knows that man is GAY says:

    Sisqo, do you say this to all of your GAY friends: Two Snaps Up! LOL GOT THAT FROM ONE OF MY FAVORITE TELEVISION SHOWS IN THE LATE 80s or early 90s can’t remember, In Living Color when Damon Wayans and David Allen Greir played two gay men on a sketch that was called Men On Films, Or Men on Art, hilarious show and sketch if you haven’t seen it, also Sisqo, do you clutch your pearls, that’s from the show too, Sisqo, the GAY lead singer of Dru Hill and Nokio the GAY back up singer now, question is Jazz and Woody and Scola GAY as well, I think so that gotta be the gayest group out there except for the new guy sorry I don’t know your name, he’s married, I think the new guy should be a solo artist instead of being with that gay group. Sorry, not a fan of this group! At All!!!

  5. Everyone knows that man is GAY says:

    He also said doing his hair is a hassal, now what straight man says that. None at all, only a GAY person will say something crazy like that. GAY 4 life is what Sisqo is!! H-)

  6. Everyone knows that man is GAY says:

    For Shahara, come on, that man is GAY! Who do you know that dyes hair different colors, pierced his bellybutton? Only A Gay person would do that. The weird dude likes duded!

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