What Are The ‘American Idol’ Voters Thinking?

I was shocked, I mean flabbergasted at being cut from ‘American Idol’ this week. What a farce! The three most talented singers in the history of the competiton were in the bottom three. What’s going on? I can’t believe that such a talent had to go. This is so backward.

An American Idol is supposed to have;
Vocal talent,
Having ginger hair and a nasal voice does not mean personality.

The whole voting system is turning into a joke. I personally think that Fantasia and Latoya are what American Idols are supposed to be and if they’re not appreciated then they should leave. I can think of a few people who’ll snatch them up right now if they got the chance; Clive Davis, LA Reid, Tommy Mottola.

Are the voters deliberately voting against the judges? Or are the voters tone-deaf? Diana DeGarmo is so fake to me. I feel she’s capatalizing on her age and its patronising. John Stevens needs to know that he is NOT in the rat pack and should find some individuality. I don’t mind George Huff or Jasmine Trias at all.

I just think that American Idol is becoming more about conspiracy than the vocal performances. I live in the UK so there’s nothing I can do but watch. Don’t the American’s owe it to themselves to choose the right talent?

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