Who Are You To Talk Alicia Keys?

Contributed anonymously:

said that contestants on ‘American Idol’ are just in it for the fame, not the music. What a hypocrite! If she is so into her music that she doesn’t want fame, then why did she chase a record deal for all those years?

Why can’t she just admit it? Just like Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles and , she’s always wanted fame and fortune to “nicely” accompany the music.

So stop fooling yourself and trying to fool us, because we all know that you are just as much of an attention seeker needing validation from the public just as much as anyone else?

Just because you chose to imitate Stevie Wonder instead of Mary J. Blige, don’t think that you’re in your own league. Give it up Alicia, and accept the fact that you would be crying like at the Grammys if you hadn’t been noticed.

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